Passing the Microsoft 70-410 exam: one trainer’s perspective (Part 3)

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“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” –Einstein

In Part 1 and Part 2 of this series, I mentioned the resources you need to investigate and listed some of the questions you must be able answer quickly and confidently when you take your 70-410 exam. In this third and final post, I’m going to discuss how to build the required knowledge base.

Consider the previously mentioned sets of port numbers and DHCP Option numbers that you’ll have to know for the exam.

Consider memorizing these as a rite of passage.

Dull… right?


If memorizing isn’t fun, you’re not doing it right.

But much more importantly, since you’re gonna forget most of that stuff anyway, you’ll want to know that there’s a secret sauce that master learners use.

Why The Mind is the Key To Mastery

Although Einstein is instructive, he’s subtle when he says imagination is more important than knowledge. Because that’s the key… right in front of your nose… and you were born with it. Once you’ve imagined a thing, really rendered it completely in your mind, you’re not going to forget it.

Here’s an example: Imagine a young child getting on a bus. Now imagine he’s got a note telling him the stops he’ll pass as he rides to his destination.

Got it?

A kid … with a note.

Now imagine an Active Directory Security Principal. Instead of a kid with a note, it’s a Data Structure – with a list of permissions specifying what can, and can’t, be accessed.

Suddenly it’s obvious, and you’ll never forget it: Security Principals are Active Directory Data Structures to which permissions can be assigned for the simple reason that Security Principals have a place, called an Access Token, in which permissions can be listed. And if it’s not a Security Principal, it can’t be assigned permissions. And if it can be assigned permissions, it’s a Security Principal. (See for more detail.)

So, after rendering this image in your mind, there won’t be any memorization involved when you answer your questions about Security Principals. You’ll simply know what they are and you’ll consult your imagined rendering to answer those questions.

The point here isn’t about Security Principals.

It isn’t about Storage, Networking, Virtualization, or Deployments.

The point is that your imagination is your key to mastery.

And whether your goal is the 70-410 or something far beyond that, it’s your imagination that builds the unforgettable neuronal pathways you’re going to need.

Words To Live (And Study) By

I think there are other words of Einstein’s apropos to your 70-410 endeavor:

  • “To stay appropriately humble, don’t forget this one: “As our circle of knowledge expands, so does the circumference of darkness surrounding it.”
  • “To know whether or not you understand a thing sufficiently: “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

In that spirit:

Rock on.






Stoke a burning passion for mastery.

Good luck.

If you’ve got comments I’d like to hear ‘em,


Editor’s note: today’s guest post was written by IT instructor Scott Winger. Scott is a computing technologist at the University of Wisconsin in Madison and a technical editor for VMware Press. He also teaches continuing education classes in IT for Madison College.

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