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June 20, 2014 at 3:22 pm | Posted in Vendor news | 3 Comments
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A while back I spotted the post Announcing a New Way to Add Microsoft Certifications to Your LinkedIn Profile in the Born To Learn blog.  The post promised that “after earning a certification, you’ll receive an email from Microsoft with a link that presents you with a profile update form with an automatically populated certification field, complete with the details of the certification you just completed. Simply click “Save,” and the certification will be added to your LinkedIn Profile.”

So what if your certifications are already listed in your LinkedIn profile?

I thought the idea was sound, but I didn’t see how it was relevant to me because I, like many other IT professionals, already listed my certifications in my LinkedIn profile. I pulled out my profile and started poking moodily at the buttons. Here’s what I started with:

LinkedIn Certs

Snapshot of my pre-existing MOS certification on LinkedIn

While I have no problem with the way this certification is listed, I wondered if there was a difference between the way it looked, and the way it would look as a newly added certification.

After poking some more, I discovered is that if I chose Edit, deleted the vendor’s name in the Certification Authority field (in this case, Microsoft), and then started to re-type it, a droplist appeared:


A slew of options were displayed! As you can see above, many of them aren’t relevant, meaning they’re not the Microsoft responsible for my certification credential. So I scanned the list and selected the appropriate Microsoft company name/logo and saved the changes. Then I moved on and did the same with my CompTIA certifications.

The result is twofold. First, official vendor logos decorated the formerly forlorn white space in the right-hand column. BLING! Second, each of those logos was clickable and took me to the vendor’s associated LinkedIn profile page.

LinkedIn Certs 2Above is the newly-updated certification section of my profile, complete with (correct) company logos. Makes me look very credible indeed.

Looks sweet. Can I do this with all of my IT certs?

The more I poked around, the more vendors I found who seemed to be participating in, for lack of a better term, this  “enhanced LinkedIn logo program.” Using the most recent years of Global Knowledge’s Top-Paying Certifications lists as a reference, and discovered that I could use an affiliated logo with certifications from these vendors:

International Council of E-Commerce Consultants (note: you will find them listed as “EC-Council”)
Linux Professionals Institute
Project Management Institute
Scrum Alliance
Sun Microsystems

(Note: this list could have changed since this blog was posted.)

I was not able to find a corresponding vendor logo for a CISSP certification using either ISC(2) or International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium. However, this is still a worthwhile certification on anyone’s profile; you certainly shouldn’t omit this or any other professional qualifications simply because they don’t have a blingy logo in the LinkedIn ecosystem.

Bling, schming. Why bother with it?

Bling aside, I think the main benefit to this enhanced listing functionality is the credibility factor. When prospective recruiters and employers look at your profile, they may see a certification they aren’t familiar with. However, if the logo is present, they can simply click it and be directed to the vendor’s independent LinkedIn page, where they can see more information about the certification.

We would love to know if you’ve tried this new feature and your thoughts, so be sure to share your bling with us!


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  1. I just got certified in Word and PowerPoint and am new at LinkedIn. I did use their logo from the drop down list and it looks nice, but in the plethora of emails I can’t seem to find my “license” number. Is that the same as my Microsoft Certification ID, an eight digit number, or my Certificate #, an alpha-numeric hypenated number, or should I use the verify code from Certiport that’s actually on my certificates?

    • I’m glad the vendor logo is a value-add for you. I am honestly not sure about the best answer to your question, so I think you should leave your question as a comment on this entry. The Microsoft folk are always responsive and should reply to you soon: http://borntolearn.mslearn.net/btl/b/weblog/archive/2014/03/25/announcing-a-new-way-to-add-microsoft-certifications-to-your-linkedin-profile.aspx

    • Oh hey – an answer to a similar question was already posted and answered on the Born To Learn blog. In response to the question “Since I have not received any such email from Microsoft I would like to know what to enter for Certificate Authority, is it Prometric or Microsoft, What do i enter for license number and certification URL. I guess since this is my first Cert I would just like some clarification,” Microsoft replied,
      “Please select Microsoft as the certificate authority. You may choose to enter your MC ID in the license number field but that is completely optional. The certificate URL field is where you can enter a page link from http://www.microsoft.com/…/default.aspx , corresponding to the particular certification title you just earned; this helps a potential employer or recruiter understand your knowledge and capabilities. This is also optional.”

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