PMBOK 5th Edition: Changes to the Closing Process Group (9/9)

February 3, 2014 at 2:59 pm | Posted in Certification Paths, PMI | 4 Comments
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This is the ninth installment of my PMBOK 5th Edition overview. With this post, we bring to an end our review of the changes in the PMBOK 5th Edition.

The previous posts were:

The Closing Process Group has two processes:

  • Close Project or Phase
  • Close Procurements
Changes to the Close Project or Phase process

No changes were made to the inputs or outputs of the Close Project or Phase process.

Two tools/techniques were added to this process: analytical techniques (which includes regression analysis and trend analysis) and meetings.

Changes to the Close Procurements process

No changes were made to the inputs or outputs of the Close Procurements process.

One new tool was added to this process: procurement negotiations.

Wow, that was short and sweet – kinda makes the four posts on the Planning phase look incredibly large, huh?

We plan to do an article in the coming days that compares/contrasts the three main project management certifications for which we offer products: CompTIA’s Project+, PMI’s CAPM, and PMI’s PMP. We think many of you will find this article valuable.

Drop  me a line if you have any questions! I would love to hear from you….



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  1. Hi Robin,

    I’m working through the PMP 5 questions. First off, thank you for the hard work in putting this together!

    I’m curious, I thought the reference for the test is the PMBOK official guide from PMI but in the questions and flashcards I see many questions that reference other materials and terms that are not in the PMBOK guide such as Net Present Value. Are you finding that such items are on the exam?



    • David,

      Yes, the official reference for this exam is the PMBOK 5th Edition. However, this book is all about facts and not so much about application. So often we have to go a bit outside of the information offered in the PMBOK to find a reference that better explains a concept. The PMBOK, while an excellent reference, often does not go deep enough. But with that said, the majority of the questions in our practice test reference the PMBOK.

      Hope this helps clarify for you!

  2. That helps a bunch! Thanks And thanks again for all of your wonderful work on this. I know it took a greatr deal of time and energy.

  3. […] Has it been three years already? It seems like just last week I was talking about SY0-301, and now here I am trying to catch my breath after pushing the 2014 Security+ exam, SY0-401, over the finish line and into our practice test lineup. (But really, I am just glad to finally get to write about something other than project management.) […]

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