Oracle University is seeking YOUR Java EE 7 input for a Job Task Analysis Survey

September 26, 2013 at 9:17 am | Posted in Oracle | Leave a comment
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Have you ever wondered how vendors actually build their certification exams, or choose the learning objectives for their courseware? Although they employ instructional designers and content writers, vendors also rely heavily on subject matter experts: the people “in the real world” who use the technology day in and day out.

Oracle Certification and Server Technologies Curriculum Development are in the process of building two new Java EE7 Certification exams. They write:

An Oracle certification is typically associated with a particular role related to a single technology. In the case of Java EE7, the technology is very broad and comprehensive. We are looking to you and the industry to validate our definition of these job roles. Our assumption and preliminary investigation shows that programmers and developers working with Java EE technology design and create applications using front-end technologies and/or server-side enterprise technologies.

If you have two to four years experience using the previous Java EE technology versions, or if you are involved in hiring Java programmers for front-end and server-side development, then Oracle wants your input to help shape the next release of certification exams.

Click the link to go to the survey (closes on 30 November 2013):

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