How to Learn More About CompTIA’s Performance-Based Questions (with FREE Webcast offer)

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With the release of CompTIA’s new A+ series, 220-801 and 220-802, many of you will finally get your first look at CompTIA’s performance-based questions. The performance-based questions were actually first released by CompTIA in their CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) exam, but the CASP has a more limited audience than CompTIA’s A+, Network+, and Security+ exams.

Several members of our Content Development team have seen the CASP, the new A+ and Network+ performance-based questions, and we all feel that CompTIA is headed in the right direction with these item types. While we can’t share any details ourselves, CompTIA has released information over the past few weeks that will hopefully answer some of your questions. Here are a few resources I would recommend:

Did you notice CompTIA has increased the recommended hours of hands-on field experience to one year, up from the previously recommended six months? Those of us who have already taken the exam perceived a small but definite increase in difficulty. Again, with those performance-based items, you can either perform a task or you can’t. Hands-on experience is key. If the question simulates an action you do every day at work, then you’re probably going to find it a breeze. If it tests a concept you’ve only read about in books or studied in the abstract, it may take you a little longer to puzzle out the solution.

As I already mentioned, the new A+ and Network+ exams include performance-based questions. CompTIA will integrate performance-based questions into the Security+ exam in January.

So it looks like the move is permanent, folks! Embrace it! And know that what CompTIA has released is just the tip of the iceberg. Does anyone remember Microsoft’s 83-640 exam? I think that was a glimpse of where performance-based testing should really go.



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  1. I have recently talked with CompTIA about the the certificates they have chosen to implement using the performance-based questions. Although my comments are unofficial, they have mentioned to me of integrating the Storage+ exam with performance-based questions, along with the A+, Network+, Security+, and CASP exams. They have said that these exams are the only ones that will have the performance-based questions. Server+, Linux+, PDI+, Project+, Green IT, and others will not likely have any of these type of questions. I have been finding that only a few Authorized CompTIA Training Providers are keeping up with the new changes. So, for people wanting to purchase self-paced training modules to be more prepared to take these new exams, ask if they have virtual simulators with their training modules. It may be higher priced, but if you like promotions, it might be a good reason to pay. For those who are just entering, I would suggest waiting until training providers have caught up with the new exam formats. Then, you can use Internet forums and read others experiences on what training package worked best for them.

  2. Thanks for your valuable feedback! Many CompTIA partners are finding it hard to replicate what candidates will experience in the live exam. While we do not have virtual simulators here at Transcender for these exams, our product does include what we call Interactive questions. These question are very similar in feel to the live exam questions and will go a long way in preparing you for what you will experience in the live exam.

    We have at least 10 unique Interactive questions each for our two A+ practice tests. At this time, no other practice test provider is offering these question types.

    Go to our Web site for more information! Also, watch for an upcoming announcement regarding a Webinar we will be hosting about the A+ exams!

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