Everything you need to know about Microsoft beta exams: invites, pricing, and availability

November 27, 2012 at 10:34 am | Posted in Kaplan IT Training news, Microsoft, Vendor news | Leave a comment

Curious to know how the beta exam process works behind the scenes at Microsoft? Eager to get your hands on a free invite code to a pre-released exam? Liberty Munson has posted a two-part series over in Born To Learn that’s titled Everything You Wanted to Know about Beta Exams: Part 1 (Beta Invites) and Everything You Wanted to Know about Beta Exams: Part 2 (Beta Availability).

Although I recommend you read both posts, the take-away points are:

  • Free seats are still available, but very limited.
  • Your best shot at a free seat is to keep your SME (subject matter expert) profile current with Microsoft.
  • Paid (not free) beta exams are available to anyone.
  • Paid (not free) beta exams will now stay in the market until the final exam is live.

This last point is a substantial policy change on the beta front, as these exams were typically only available for a few weeks before vanishing in a puff of psychometric smoke. With the extended availability of beta tests, anyone who needs to prove competency in a brand-new technology will be able to do so without having to wait for the final exam to come to market.

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