2012 CISSP Update Released by Transcender

March 14, 2012 at 8:27 am | Posted in CISSP, Kaplan IT Training news, Vendor news | 7 Comments
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Back in September and October, I wrote a few posts regarding the 2012 update to the CISSP exam. (If you missed them, see the post on part I of the changes here, and the post on part II of the changes here).  If you remember, there wasn’t a large amount of new content. Most of the changes are mainly the moving of a subdomain from one domain to another or the revision of the wording of a subdomain.

With that said, we have now released a new version of our CISSP practice test that covers the 2012 Exam Guide. For these latest updates, we have taken the time to write new questions to ensure that you understand these topics. We have also moved the content according to the new Exam Guide. Finally, we have revised some of our old questions to better reflect the live exam experience.

We hope that you’ll take the time to study the explanations when studying for this exam. The explanations often go beyond the scope of the question itself to ensure that you fully understand the topics that you may see on the exam.

Keep in mind that we reference Shon Harris’ CISSP All-in-One Exam Guide, 5th Edition. Word is that a 6th Edition will be released at some point. When that occurs, we’ll be sure to update the reference list on the product so you can have a direct link to the new book.

Be sure to drop a comment here if you have any questions regarding this latest update!



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  1. Thanks Robin! I just bought the 2012 CISSP test. i’m taking the test in May. Transcender’s write-up about the changes to the 2012 test is very well written too.

    • Bob,

      Thanks! Take your time studying for the exam. The CISSP exam covers quite a bit of material. Make sure to read the explanations that come with our practice test. They are the most important part of our tool and often contain extra information.

      Good luck!


  2. Bob, how did you do on the exam?

  3. I’m looking for input / feedback from users who have taken and passed or failed the exam. I’m interested in hearing if Transcender CCure or others helped or made a difference.

  4. Joan, Keep in mind that our practice test contains over 900 practice test questions with full explanations. We consider our product to be a study tool, with the robust explanations being the most valuable part of our tool. I wrote a blog post last year that explains the importance of our explanations: https://transcender.wordpress.com/2011/05/31/the-anatomy-of-a-good-item-or-why-the-heck-should-i-read-those-long-boring-explanations/

    We have found that our customers are experiencing very high pass rates when using our practice test.


    • Robin, I’m not questioning or challenging the quality of Trancender, and I understand the way the exams and practice exams are structured, i.e. their intended use as study tools.

      What I’m asking for is feedback/input/experience from others who have used the tools. Bob from the thread above never had followed up with a response… so, I have no idea what that outcome was. I’d like to get some real-life feedback on the effectiveness of these practice exams. I’m particularly interested in hearing how these tools helped in preparation for the new computer-based-testing versus the old style paper-based testing. It’s a bit disconcerting that I haven’t found any good (or bad) comments on the CBTs. I hope you get some comments here soon.

      • Joan, I can say from experience that I prefer the computer-based exam. It is much easier to mark questions that you are unsure of for review. For some reason, paper-based exams always make me more nervous. I never really understood why ISC2 kept the paper format for so long.

        Hopefully, we’ll have some customer comments here soon. We do have a customer comments page on our Web site. Go to http://www.transcender.com/testimonials/default.aspx. The fourth comment on the page is specifically about our CISSP product.


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