Hurry – don’t miss your chance to upgrade to VCP5 without taking more classes

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We know that many of you are not happy with the VMware policy of requiring candidates to purchase and complete a training class before taking the exam. Many articles have been written in the last year or so encouraging VMware to drop this requirement and allow exam candidates to pass or fail the exam on experience only.

We’re not going to take a side one way or the other in that debate, but those of you who currently hold a VCP4 certification and wish to upgrade, have some options! If you’re looking to upgrade, you have until Feb 29, 2012 to take the new VCP5 exam without needing to take a refresher class. If you upgrade to the VCP5 certification after that date, you will be required to take the VMware VSphere: What’s New 5 course. This is a 2-day course that costs about $1,200. But so we’re clear, the VMware guidelines are clear:

All requirements must be met (including passing the exam) by February 29th to qualify for this upgrade!

Course requirements change for VCP3 certification holders on Feb. 29 as well. Before Feb. 29, you’ll have to take the two-day vSphere: What’s New 5. After Feb. 29, you’ll be required to take ICM 5 or vSphere Fast Track 5. Both are 5-day courses. ICM costs about $2,800, and Fast Track about $4,400.

Course requirements before and after Feb. 29 are the same for anyone with a VCP 2 or earlier certification. Course options here are vSphere ICM 5 or vSphere Fast Track 5.

For information on the expiration of the 6-month grace period see the VMware website:

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