Transcender’s Cert-CISSP Practice Test: Now and 2012

October 31, 2011 at 8:45 am | Posted in CISSP | Leave a comment

Many of you have probably read the two-part blog post regarding the CISSP updates that are coming in January. Immediately following the post of the 2nd part (here), I started receiving e-mails from customers asking me how they can get this recent update and the update in 2012. Most customers were concerned that they would not be able to get the 2012 updates if they purchased the product now. So I am going to explain what’s different about this version, and how to ensure that you can access these updates.

Current release

The current update for Transcender’s Cert-CISSP practice test (version 2.4.1) is complete, published, and available for purchase. If you previously purchased our Cert-CISSP practice test, and your product is still active, you are eligible to update to this new version at no extra cost. For the online practice test, the updates are performed automatically. If you have the download version or the CD-ROM edition, you will need to update using the update feature in our engine. (Please check our Customer FAQ for more details about the update feature.)

We added about 70 new questions. We also revised the references to point to the Fifth Edition of Shon Harris’ CISSP All-on-One Exam Guide.

Future releases

What about the coming updates in 2012? This update will be a revision of the current content. This will involve writing new questions to cover the new topics that I talked about in the two-part blog post.  When complete, this will be version 2.5.1 (you can find your test version number in the “About” section of the test engine).

Please keep in mind that our online edition of the CISSP practice test, which is the least expensive option, only comes with a 30-day license. This means that if you purchase the online version NOW, your license will be expired by the time the next update is published (sometime in Q1 2012). However, if you purchase the download or CD-ROM versions, your license will enable you to update your product using the update feature once we release the 2012 updates. So purchasing the download or CD-ROM version is a better choice if you are not sure you can successfully pass the live exam before ISC2 releases its updates in 2012.

I hope this helps to clarify things a bit for you! Please keep the questions coming.


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