Resource Review: CompTIA Security+ Study Guide (SY0-301) by Emmett Dulaney

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As I near the end of development for our Security+ SY0-301 practice test, I’m pretty excited about the changes to CompTIA’s Security+ exam. While you can always count on the Security+ exam to cover authentication, cryptography, and access control, there are a few new attacks and technologies to concern yourself with. So while the old version of Security+ does have some overlap with the new version, there is enough new content to excite this content developer!

I am really glad that cloud computing is finally addressed, even if only in its most basic aspects. Virtualization coverage was expanded a bit from the SY0-201 exam. But as the list of terms grew — evil twin, pharming, phishing, vishing, whaling, bluesnarfing — I started wishing for a comprehensive resource. Then I stumbled upon one while completing some research.

Sybex has released the CompTIA Security+ Study Guide by Emmett Dulaney (ISBN 978-1-118-01473-8). I found this resource to be very comprehensive when addressing the topics covered in CompTIA’s Exam Guide. The book includes 15 chapters and is arranged in a logical format (thank you Emmett, for thinking of your left-brained friends!). At the beginning of each chapter, you’ll find a list of the subobjectives from the Exam Guide that are included in that chapter. This is very useful, particularly if you realize that you don’t understand a certain topic (like, maybe, cloud computing?). Also, at the beginning of the book is a tear-out list of the CompTIA Exam Guide, in order, with chapter headings. Graphics, tables, and tips are included throughout the book in just the right amount. It is a wonderful resource for those preparing for the latest version of Security+, SY0-301.

Remember, the Security+ exam is focused on ensuring your understanding of basic IT security.  In the past, I often encouraged students who are considering obtaining the CISSP certification to take the Security+ first. This is still my recommendation. In fact, the objectives in this latest version of Security+ completely overlap the CISSP knowledge areas, including some that it had ignored in the past. While CISSP tests areas that Security+ does not, all of the Security+ areas are included in the CISSP objectives, particularly control types (technical, management, and operational), risk calculation, quantitative versus qualitative risk, and methods of dealing with risk (avoidance, transference, acceptance, and so on) .

We will be releasing our Security+ practice test in the next couple of weeks, and it’s a BEAST. Make sure to watch our site or follow us on Twitter @KaplanIT for updates!

In August, I’ll be attending CompTIA Breakaway 2011 in Washington, DC. Look for me there, and let me know what you think about our products, your latest certification, or any good reference material you may stumble upon while studying – I could always use more reading material!


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