Prices They are A-Changin’

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Seasons change, people change and, yes friends, prices change. While certification exam prices are one of the few things not driven by the price of crude oil these days, the last few months have brought a lot of change to the canvas of IT certifications. While our first reaction to the hike in exam prices may be accompanied by a few choice words mumbled under our breath, it’s worth noting that IT vendors do not make these decisions lightly. Just take a look at their track record…

The news that CompTIA would increase their certification exam prices marked the first increase in three years for the non-profit association. Those interested in security, healthcare and cloud computing are already benefiting from the investments CompTIA contiues to make in the certification area.

Holding out even longer before passing along the costs associated with keeping exams in line with changing technologies was Oracle. Spring of 2010 marked the company’s first exam fee increase since the start of their certification program. Reactions were mixed at first, but changes and updates quickly followed with the integration of Sun certifications into the Oracle family and the eventual transition of all Oracle exams to Vue centers.

The latest to join the pricing game has been Microsoft. Effective tomorrow (July 1st) the Microsoft Learning Group will implement exam price increases of approximately $25 US across most certification tracks. Check out their blog & subsequent comments for more details. Similar to other vendors, Microsoft has not jumped at the chance to pass along the growing costs of exam development. This price increase is the first for Microsoft in almost a decade.

This is not to say that the slightest increase in price for any goods or services these days doesn’t hurt our pockets. And while individually these fee hikes may be minimal, across multiple exams or technologies it can add up quickly. So we would love to know how these numbers impact your certification plans? Do the increases memake the difference between getting certified or not getting certified? Does paying more today than you would have yesterday determine what kind of preparation materials you shop for, or if you’ll invest in prep materials at all? We’d like to hear the impact in your own words, so drop us a comment here or on Facebook, or Tweet us!

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