Reminding all TechHeads to bring IT on and jam at the Tabernacle!

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A number of years ago, I attended Microsoft TechEd in Boston and noticed something on the agenda called “Jam Sessions.” Now, being a former professional musician, this caught my eye, but I said to myself , “What would an actual jam session be doing on the agenda at Tech*Ed?”  I figured Nah, it must mean some sort of Rock Band game thing.

Nevertheless, Josh, George, and I set out that night to see what it was all about.  Boy, were we in for a surprise. Microsoft had rented out an entire nightclub in Boston, provided top-notch sound and light equipment, and set up instruments of all types on the stage. What followed was an entire night of techies climbing onstage in random pairings playing tunes.

As soon as we saw what was going on, my buddies started needling me to get up and play, but I was a bit apprehensive because I have too often been drawn into “jamming” with the guy who professed to play drums in high school and the singer who made William Hung sound good, and I tell you, it’s not fun to be trapped onstage with these guys.  But to my amazement, the people on stage could actually play! There was a few times when the guitar player zigged while the bass player zagged, but no more than I’ve seen with professionals jamming (which can also be pretty horrible, especially if adult beverages are involved). Anyway, I ended up playing and having a great time. So next time around when I saw Jam Sessions on the agenda at Tech*Ed in L.A., I immediately said, “I’m there!” Having an idea of how it worked, I had an even better time because I came prepared with a few songs everyone knows, so it went much better.  (Below is a horrible shot taken from a cell phone at L.A.)

So where I’m going with all of this? Consider this post a call to all Tech*Head musicians. The  Jam Session will be at The Tabernacle (which is an awesome venue if you’re not familiar) on Tuesday night from 9PM to 1AM. If you’re going to Tech*Ed, comment to this post or contact me through this blog and let’s arrange to play something together on Tuesday night! There’s also this musicians-seeking-musicians thread on the Tech*Ed Discussions page:

Oh, by the way, it would  help for you to know that I play bass. And no, I DON’T play bass like it’s a lead guitar, I play it like it’s meant to played.  (Ok, I’m off my soapbox, just wanted that off my chest.)

Let’s have some rock n’ roll at Tech*Ed!

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