What We’re Working On – March Edition

March 11, 2011 at 5:32 pm | Posted in Certification Paths, Kaplan IT Training news | 9 Comments
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The only hint of Spring around here is the calendar reminder to spring forward our clocks this weekend. So I hope that as you read this from whatever part of the world you find yourself in today, you’re safe, warm, and studying hard.

As for the latest developments in Development (heh), we released a few things, we’re working on a few things, and we’re sitting & waiting on a few more things. But I won’t bore you with the details, so here are the highlights:

The recently revamped CCNP practice test products (ROUTE, SWITCH, TSHOOT) have been published and are available for purchase HERE:

The certification track has undergone a lot of change, but this new approach by Cisco seems well received by IT professionals. We’re curious to know: what do you think about the new 3-exam track? Are you a newbie to certification and feeling relieved because taking three exams sounds way better than taking four? Are you a CCNP veteran and just blasé, confused, or frustrated by yet another change to the track? Let us know with a comment here, or drop Troy (mcmillantroy) an email at troy.mcmillan@kaplan.com, as he’s always interested in hearing your feedback.

George (gmonsalvatge) has finally been freed from the grip of Windows Server 2008 R2 and is focused on finishing up a couple of SharePoint 2010 products. I may have mentioned this in a previous post, but it’s worth repeating here – the SharePoint 2010 products on our project schedule for this year are the TS – Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Configuring (70-667) and the PRO – Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Administrator (70-668). Some of you have emailed to request the Developer practice products for this track, but as of this post those particular tests have not made it onto our 2011 project plan. But keep sending me your emails if you’re looking for study materials for 70-573 or 70-576. I really do track our customer’s interests. I take your requests and add them into our backlog so whenever we have some wiggle room in our schedule, I know exactly what you’re looking for us to publish!

Josh (codeguru) has successfully tackled through the most difficult topics in the 70-516 C#/VB practice test and is now breezing through the last few sub-objectives to wrap up development on this one and move on to the Windows Application PRO practice test product. The order of attack for the remaining practice test products in this track remains as follows:

  1. 70-518
  2. 70-521
  3. 70-519
  4. 70-523

What we really had fun with the last few weeks was the CompTIA A+ refresh videos. Well, fun for us, but torture for Robin, who (it turns out) hates hearing her recorded voice…honestly, that only made it funnier! But that’s neither here nor there. What I wanted to share with everyone was the link to all 4 videos on our YouTube channel. The conversations aren’t very long, and they’re certainly not boring. What they are is informative. You’ll get to see these two brainiacs sharing their knowledge about A+ exam history, trends, changes and its future. Don’t bother checking out this series if you’re looking for test questions and answers – we take our NDAs very seriously around here. But do take a few minutes to listen if you’re getting ready for the A+ exams or even if you have your A+ certification and want to stay on top of new topics.

One last thing, speaking of new topics – our friends at Train Signal (with the help of their friend Mike Rodriguez) posted a great list of March certification updates. Let me know if anything in this write-up catches your eye. There are a few things that were already on our radar, but our opinion isn’t the only one that counts around here, so can’t wait to here what you think.

Thanks for reading & happy Spring!



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  1. when will 1z0-054 be available?

    • Hi Roger,
      As excited as I was to welcome Bob to our team, I did have to make some hard choices about our Oracle product line while we get Bob familiar with our process. As a result, the 1Z0-054 practice test has been demoted to the backlog and does not currently have a release date. Bob will be focusing on aligning all of our 11g OCA and OCP content with the current Oracle exams before moving on to Performance Tuning and RAC.

      • all though the existing exams were already done
        for 11g. DO you mean they are going to be updated.


        • Hey Roger – sorry for the confusion; I didn’t mean exams are being updated on the Oracle side. In addition to being exam focused, our practice tests include reference material with every question. As most of the 11g OCA track exams have been validated against Release 2, we’re now going through our products to ensure our reference material maps to the topics on the exams. Hope that helps clarify!

  2. Hello…is there any plans for coming out with a VCP practice exam product??

    • Hey Chris, yes, this one is actually back on our project plans!

      Troy’s currently working on a blueprint & project schedule for VCP-410. I’ll have to take a look at his documents and assess editing & production time before I can share an exact release date, but look for an update in April’s WWWO post.

      • Great to hear, thanks for the update

  3. Are there anymore updates on the 70-519 test?

    • Hey Brandon, the 70-519 practice test is currently with our Language Editor. I interrupted Joshua’s schedule recently with a couple of unexpected projects and had to shift some priorities for our Editor (you can imagine how thrilled they both are with me), but we’re back on track. I expect this one to be ready for release in the next couple of weeks.

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