What We’re Working On – February Edition

February 7, 2011 at 5:29 pm | Posted in Kaplan IT Training news | 10 Comments
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We had so much news to share in January that it’s hard to believe it’s time to recap what we’re working on in FEBRUARY.

From looking at our 2011 Development Calendar, I think it’s safe to say we have a jam-packed year ahead. But as always, things change so quickly in this business that I’ll limit the news in this post to the line-up we currently have in development. I’ll start with the most requested products: Windows Server 2008 R2 updates and Visual Studio 2010.

George called in some favors and has Troy helping him with the last few R2 updates for the Cert-70-646 and Cert-70-647 exams. Both of these updates are scheduled to release at the end of February. As George discussed in his previous post, if you already purchased these products, you can log into your Club Account at the end of the month to look for updates. If you’re waiting for the updates to roll out before buying a practice test, you can find out when the new version is released by checking the product description on our Web site. We’ve kept the Marketing team busy, and they’ve updated all product descriptions to include R2 as the new versions become available for sale.

Josh will finish up the VS 2010 practice tests. The 70-513 C# and 70-513 VB are available now, and the 70-516 will be released next month. The order of attack for the remaining practice test products in this track will be as follows:

  1. 70-518
  2. 70-521
  3. 70-519
  4. 70-523

I’m hoping Josh doesn’t check out this blog post because he’s focusing on one project schedule at a time, and I’m afraid seeing this list in writing may cause some anxiety.

You’ve probably read Robin’s posts about the A+ refresh, so it should come as no surprise that her first priority this year is to ensure that our practice tests adequately cover any new content being tested on the exams. As is usual practice here, we will wait to confirm that changes in the CompTIA exam are available nationwide and/or globally before releasing any new content in our practice tests, but since Robin’s made a lot of progress already, those A+ revisions to our products should release within days of the new exam content hitting test centers! Keep checking back with us, or ask Robin directly, and we’ll let you know as soon as we know regarding a release date.

Finally, our Oracle 11g practice tests products are getting a facelift. Most of this product line has been on the shelf for a while and it didn’t take us long to get Bob his very own project blueprint and schedule. He’ll be identifying the Release 2 version changes in the Oracle exams against our practice test content and closing any content gaps in our products. We should release the first revision, Cert-1Z0-051, by mid-March.

That covers the most recent projects & customer requests I’ve received, but if there’s a specific exam you’re studying for or a track you’re looking to explore this year, feel free to email us through the Transcender site or drop a comment at the end of this post. Either way, your emails always make their way to someone on this team and we’ll give you the most updated information we have regarding practice test products.

Thanks for reading & stay warm!
~ Aima


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  1. Will you be updating all the corresponding MCTIP study guides to reflect the new updates on Server 2008 R2 new exam objectives?

    This is important for people whom have purchased your MCTIP study guides as well as your exams.

    Please advise.



    • Hi – great question! We’re finishing up revisions to the 70-640 R2 Study Guide, set to release in February. The 70-642 & 70-643 Study Guide updates will follow in March and April, respectively. Some products required more updates than others, depending on the amount of information that changed in R2, so the time it’s taking to update the guides varies between products. But we hope to have these updates completed by Q2.

  2. I would like to see 70-653 as a means to be ready for Server 2008 SBS Essentials code name Aurora whe it is released.

  3. I am planning to write the 1Z0-054 Oracle 11g Performance Tuning Export exam on comming month. Is there any plan Transcender release this course material in near future.

    Bhanu Vemuri

  4. Hi Bhanu,
    Since the current Transcender release of our Oracle certification practice exams is 11g R1, the decision was made that our first priority will be to update all of those practice exams to release 2 of 11g. That will take us between 3 and 4 months to complete, and then I would expect us to create an 11g R2 Performance Tuning exam.

    If you are aware of the Oracle certification history, you probably remember when Performance Tuning was one of the required exams that led to DBA OCP certification. Within the last couple of years, Oracle “decoupled” Performance Tuning from the DBA track, and then created some new specialized expert tracks, including the new “Oracle Certified Expert: Performance Tuning”. I imagine that’s the certification you want to attempt and are looking for resource materials to help you prepare. Since Perf Tune was now a part of the specialized track and no longer part of OCA or OCP, Transcender didn’t create a new exam.

    If you need to prepare for the exam and can’t wait until we have ours built, you may want to take a look at the Oracle University Performance Tuning course. It’s offered as a standard instructor-led course as well as their live virtual format.

    Bob Bungenstock

  5. Will there this year be test questions and a study guide for 70-653 Small Business Server 2008, since 70-654 Windows Essential Business Server 23008 has been sunsetted?

  6. Hi again

    Any update on the SharePoint 2010 exams especially 70-668?

    • Hey Blaithin, once we have our R2 updates completed for Windows Server 2008 we can get back to SharePoint 2010. The first of those products is scheduled to release at the end of March, followed by Cert-70-668 in May. As soon as we have a specific release date for the 70-668 I’ll be sure to share it.


  7. You stated that you would have 70-647 practice exam updates to be released at the end of February… its now March 22nd, when are these going to be released?

  8. ***also in reply to***
    Submitted on 2011/03/22 at 7:41 am
    So you stated that you would have updates to the 70-647 test exams at the end of February, yet I still don’t see any updates on your website. When are you going to release the update? This test has been updated to the R2 material for quite some time and you guys still don’t have updates for the 70-646 and 70-647 tests…

    Hi David – when it came to the 70-647 we found some discrepencies between what our Developers saw on the exam and what students reported seeing. So we took another look and found that the final release (or what we assume to be the Microsoft final exam) of this Windows Server 2008 R2 exam included some different item types than what we had seen when we first started our updates. This isn’t unusual considering the way these R2 exam updates rolled out to test centers. It did, however, require that we make some significant changes to our approach which extended the schedule on this and the 70-646. Today, all the authoring has been completed and we expect to be able to release these in the next couple of weeks!

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