Bringing a new Oracle (expert) into the fold

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Winter’s in the air (and on the ground – our Atlanta office is into it’s 2nd snow day and if I don’t see ice melting soon we may really have a state of emergency in my house!)

…but where was I?
Oh yeah, it’s a new year, but first, out with the old:

We had some growing pains in 2010 as we tried to expand into different business areas and take on new projects all while maintaining a growing product line of certification practice tests. Although I feel we did a stellar job of keeping a positive attitude and our eyes on the prize, we at Kaplan IT Learning were not immune to the effects of a hurting economy. Yet through it all, we managed to exceed our production goals and maintain the high quality customer support our students have come to expect from this team.

Which brings us to the new:

It is with GREAT pleasure that we welcome a new addition to our Product Development team this year! Please help us give a warm welcome to Bob Bungenstock, our new Oracle content developer. Bob comes to us with almost 15 years of technical training experience with Oracle Corporation, where his training responsibilities included SQL, PL/SQL, DBA Admin and Performance Tuning courses throughout North America and Asia. Since leaving Oracle, Bob has held a position as Visiting Professor at DeVry University in Atlanta. I could continue to bore you with all his professional credentials, or we could get to the good stuff.

We’ve been doing our homework and have found out that although he’s got family ties to Ohio, Bob’s NOT a Buckeye fan, but prefers the Big 12’s Sooners. It may not be the SEC, but at least he’s not another Buckeye. We have plenty of those in the office already, and we were in need of a little balance in the scale. Besides our “competitive spirit”, we also enjoy a sense of humor and during his first week here Bob shared this book after a conversation with Troy. It only took reading the first couple of entries to know that Bob would fit right in!

Look out for his first blog contribution later this week where he’ll get the chance to introduce himself and get to know some of you through your questions & comments.

As always, thanks for reading along and we look forward to hearing about your continued IT success in 2011!

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