The Official Windows Server 2008-to-R2 FAQ for Y-O-U

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As I sat and pondered my approach to the new year, I looked back at what had happened in 2010. An oil spill off the coast of Florida derailed my summer vacation plans. My excellent prognostication abilities on various sporting events did not bring me riches this fall. And Microsoft updated the Windows Server 2008 exams to include Windows Server 2008 R2 content this winter. Since these updates started showing up in exams, I have been bombarded with questions about when Transcender will update the 70-640, 70-642, 70-643, 70-646, 70-647, 70-648, and 70-649 practice test products to include Windows Server 2008 R2 content. Not that I don’t enjoy replying to each of you individually, but I thought this might be a great place to bring some of the most common questions together…so let’s give it a try:

When are you updating your products?

The management team at Transcender has grouped all of the Content Developers in a dark and dingy room, chained us to desks, and ordered us to stay until the updates are finished. (Of course we get lunch and bathroom breaks every 12 hours. They’re not unreasonable.) With this incentive, we released updated versions of 70-640 and 70-642, and by press time, the updated 70-643 should be available. We have begun updating 70-646 and 70-647, with a projected release date of February 2011.  I hope to leave this room and see my family at that time.

I bought the old version of 70-64x. What now?

This is an unusual situation, and we are doing our best to accommodate both new & existing customers. The good news is that because Microsoft did not change the exam numbers (for example, 70-64x was not renumbered as 70-64y when the content was expanded to include R2 material),  you are entitled to free updates for the practice test product that you purchased.

If you bought Transcender products for the 70-640, 70-642, 70-643, 70-646, 70-647, 70-648 or 70-649 exams PRIOR to our updating the content, then you will receive updates for that product according to the format that you purchased:

  • Online products are automatically updated once our new content is published. You do not have to do anything to update your product.
  • Download versions must be manually updated.

If you have the download version of a product, for example 70-640, you can download the 70-640 R2 updates by doing the following:

  1. Go to and log in to your Club account.
  2. In your Club Account, choose Access Products.
  3. Download and install the latest version of the test engine (if you already have the latest engine version you can skip this step).
  4. Download and install the exam file.

If you have issues with any step of this process, contact our Customer Service team and they will gladly troubleshoot the issue with you over the phone.

I bought the old version in online form, AND I’m past the license period. What now?

If you have purchased online access to the Cert-70-640, Cert-70-642, or Cert-70-643 tests, have NOT taken your exam yet, and have run out of online access time,  please email us.  We can either deactivate your access and allow you to initiate access when the new content is published, or we can extend your online access so that you have ample time to prepare for your exam using the latest material.

I got an error using the automatic update feature.

If you receive an error trying to use the automatic update feature, you may be behind a firewall/proxy server which is preventing the process from completing successfully. We have created an alternate method so you do not have to change your system settings. Refer to this FAQ on our website, and contact a customer service representative if the problem persists.

Should I wait for the new content to be published before I take my exam?

No clear answer here, only some advice.

You can choose to take your exam today if you feel you are ready, or you can wait for the new practive test content to published and review the new R2 content. Either way, Transcender still offers a 90-day pass guarantee.

Most of the objectives and sub-objectives for the exams have not changed from the original versions to the “new” version. The only difference is that the exam will cover Windows Server 2008 R2 instead of Windows Server 2008.  So this is really a judgment call on your part, depending on how familiar with the material you are.

You should take the exam when you’re comfortable with all the topics covered in the objectives and sub-objectives published by Microsoft in the prep guide for the test. For example, if you plan on taking the 70-643 exam, you should know all the information on the Skills Measured tab on the prep guide.  The Skills Measured tab is the Microsoft blueprint for the exam. You will see what the percentage breakdown of each objective will be on the exam.  Transcender builds questions for our practice exams based on the information on the Skills Measured tab on the prep guide.   Remember, these objectives will cover Windows Server R2, not Windows Server 2008. You should review the free e-book Introducing Windows 2008 R2 to see what may have changed between Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2.  You should review the explanation of each practice test question and go through each flash card question.  Once you master the Skills Measured tab of the prep guide and have gone through the practice test, you should be ready for the exam.

If you have any other questions, please send us a telegram, card, a fax, email or just plain call us; we would love to answer any question.

–George Monsalvatge

How do you pronounce that name again?


Just kidding. It’s “mon-sal-VAH-chee.”


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  1. thanks for the update!

    I am viewing the exam objectives for the 70-643 exam online and I do not see an R2 listed anywhere. Am i too stupide or what?

    Also, does this mean publishers like sybex, syngress and microsoft will or will have to update their current study guides to reference the new R2 related material.

    • You’re not stupid! But Microsoft is being tricky. Look at the second objective on the Skills Measured tab – Configuring Remote Desktop Services (26 percent) •Configure RemoteApp and Remote Desktop Web Access. There’s a big clue right there, because in Windows Server 2008, there was no Remote Desktop Services. It was called Terminal Services. R2 changed it to Remote Desktop Services (and changed some of the ways it functions). Also notice the SharePoint Foundation subobjectives; SharePoint 2010 was not released when the Server 2008 exam first hit the shelves, so these may well contain R2-specific content as well.

  2. can you please direct us to links where we can see the new R2 updated exam objectives.


  3. Vendors such as Sybex, Microsoft Press and Wrox that have published text books and study guides for Windows Server 2008 will eventually update the information to Windows Server 2008 R2, but it will take a while. How long that may be? I cannot say for sure, but it may take about four months or so.

  4. This is too much trouble. I wish microsoft just create an exam for R2 release period. This way there will no confusion as to what part of what exam covers what new features of R2. Are people at microsoft nuts? or smoke something?

    Why make life harder for rest of us and have everyone change their exams, books, tools, etc…

    Does this mean vendors like cbt nuggets, trainsignal, testout, etc… have to go back an upgrade their products and provide update.

    This is really funny!


    • I agree they probably should have created a different test, or at least an upgrade test for the Server 2008 R2 material, but they did not. Transcender, just like the other vendors, will have to update our materials.

  5. I am in processof downloading my 70-640 R2 updated product which I purchased a while back. Can you please tell me or email me the questions in each objectives that have been changed or updated. I guess, this means that you have probabaly removed some questions, or no, just added new additional R2 related questions.



    • We updated over 80% of the content, which includes about 20% entirely new questions. Sometimes the scenarios stayed the same, but the answers were altered; or the answers stayed the same, but we added additional material to the tutorial to completely cover the R2 concept. I recommend going over the entire test and looking for unfamiliar material.

  6. This is unrelated but I figured I’d ask anyway… Sorry if this information is posted elsewhere… Do you guys have plans to cover the MCTS 70-516 Data access exam? If so, and idea when? What about 70-513 service communication exam?


    • Yes, we do plan to have the 70-516 practice test out in Q1/Q2, while 70-513 will be out any day now. We also have the other .NET TS exams 70-511 and 70-515.

      As an informal survey, how many of you plan on taking the PRO exams 70-518 and 70-519? Also, how many of you are interested in the new Azure platform (70-519)?

  7. Hi Guys,

    Can you please let me know when the study guides for 70-643. etc.. will be updated with the R2 material?


    • Hi – great question! We’re finishing up revisions to the 70-640 R2 Study Guides that’s set to release around February 14th. The 70-642 & 70-643 Study Guide updates will follow in March and April, respectively. Some products required more updates than others, depending on the amount of information that changed in R2, so the time it’s taking to update the guides varies between products. But we hope to have these updates completed by Q2.

  8. Just got this email from customer support

    “Study guides follow detailed review of key subject matter. The key subject matter would not be eliminated; and the certification would have to change greatly to necessitate changes to the study guide. Therefore, study guides are generally not updated”.

    Will they be updated or not.

  9. When are the Server 2008 R2 Study Guides being released.


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