What We’re Working On – Fall Edition

September 29, 2010 at 9:59 am | Posted in Cisco, Kaplan IT Training news, Microsoft | 10 Comments

I’ve been taught that honesty is the best policy, so allow me to be honest with you here. I honestly enjoy sharing news on what we’re doing and planning to do every month. I honestly enjoy receiving and replying to your questions & comments. But, in all honesty, there is no way I’ll have the opportunity to coherently describe the projects we’ll be working on over the next three months, knowing all that’s involved in closing out 2010. I hate to admit it, but since we’re being honest and all…

To that end, I’ve decided to lay it all out for you here & now, as this may be the last good block of time (and sanity) I have before I lose all touch with reality as we make our race to the 2010 finish line.

Let’s start with the easy stuff. Here’s what hit the shelves in August:

Now for NEW news. Several people have asked,

“What happened to those SharePoint 2010 products George was working on in August?”

Great question! George was well on his way to meeting, if not beating, his deadlines for the 70-667 practice test product when we heard about R2 updates to the Server 2008 exams. Review and revisions of the 70-640, 70-642 & 70-643 have now taken priority, forcing us to postpone the release of SharePoint products. George’s primary focus for the next few weeks is comparing our current Windows Server 2008 products against the most updated Skills lists and ensuring that our practice test product continues to offer the information you need to pass your exams! The 70-640 updates should release in the next 2 weeks, but as this and the others hit the shelves, we’ll be sure to notify you via Twitter and on our Web site.

The second most popular question since our August post is,

“Where are those new Visual Studio products Josh is working on?”

Another great question! Josh delivered his last bit of content for the 70-511 practice test product to our Editor, and that project should be in the production phase by next week, meaning we should release by early October. Meanwhile, Josh is a few questions into the 70-515. Either he has found this subject matter easier or he’s just exhausted, but he hasn’t been mumbling to himself half as much since he started this project. In any case, the 70-515 practice test should release in early November.

I should also mention that we’re just days away from releasing the Cisco CCNP 642-813, SWITCH practice test. I’m really excited about both the ROUTE and SWITCH practice products. Troy’s goal was to make the CCNP line as solid as the CCNA products and so far it looks like he’s spot on. Troy & team have since moved on to focus the development efforts on the TSHOOT product. If you’re familiar with the exam or even seen the Cisco training, you’ll understand the monumental undertaking this is. We’ll keep you guys updated on the progress for this one and when we have a better handle on a release date, we’ll be sure to share that with you.

Last, but certainly not least, we appreciate you sticking with us as the weather turns from toasty to frosty. So while you make plans to buckle up this season and finally take that certification exam you’ve put off all year, we’d like to save you a few bucks. Check out our 2-Day Transcender sale!

~Happy Testing!


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  1. I’m studying for the 70-516 exam. Are you guys planning to make a transcender available for this exam within this year as well?

    • Hi! yeah, Joshua will start working on the 70-516 practice test after the 70-513 product. We’re doing our best to release all the TS-level practice test products by the end of the year, but I can’t say for certain if the 70-516 will make the shelves before the holidays. Once we have a project schedule in place for that one, I’ll post an update.

      Thanks for asking & for reading along!

  2. I noticed you are updating the 70-640,642,643 tests, when will you be focusing on updating the practice tests and study guide for the Microsoft 70-647 exam?

    • Hi David,
      We’ll update our 70-647 practice test after the release of the -640, -642, and -643. We’re trying to update the TS-level products first, followed by the PROs. No specific release date set for this one yet, but we’ll be sure to announce new dates when we have them!

  3. Any updates on the SharePoint exams 70-667 and 70-668? Do you have a rough ETA?

    • Hi David,
      We’re hoping George can get back to the SharePoint projects (or at least 70-667) before the holidays, but I haven’t assigned a new release date until we’re further along w/ the R2 updates for the Windows Server 2008 products. We’ll be sure to announce those release dates as soon as we update our project schedules.


  4. When do you think you will be done with 70-513, 70-516 and 70-519?

    • The 70-513 should be out by the end of this week, while 70-516 is under development and is expected to drop in March. The Pro exams should be out this year, but the first one for development is 70-518 and then 70-519.

      So, this year should be an exciting year as we’ll be wrapping up .NET 4 soon!

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