For Office 2010, make the MOS of your MCAS

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As you get ready to dive into the new suite of Microsoft Office 2010 products, don’t forget recent updates to the certification track! The Microsoft Office 2007 exams that released under the Microsoft Certified Application Specialist (MCAS) designation have been renamed to Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) and will now include the Office 2010 exams.

Those of you certified in Office 2000, 2002, and 2003 products will recognize the MOS certification and this recent change will not affect those existing credentials. With the Office 2007 release, the MOS terminology was retained for older products, the new generation of 2007 certifications were branded MCAS, and all were held under the umbrella of the Microsoft Business Certification (MBC) program. The MBC program was not limited to the Office suite, but included business-oriented technologies like Vista desktop operations and project management.

Confused yet? Hang in there – it gets easier from here on out!

The uniform MOS nomenclature, re-adopted as of June, makes it easier for candidates to identify exactly which certifications and technologies will best benefit their careers. All exam numbers for Office-related tests (such as 77-601) remain unchanged. Still, the Internet contains a lot of confusing references to older names and outdated certification paths, so in the interest of clearing it up, here’s the breakdown:

If you previously earned an MCAS, the certification is unchanged except for the name. In fact your transcript will be updated to reflect the certification track name change, but you can choose which designation to use in your signature and which logo to use on your resume. So exam names & numbers, not changed; certification acronym, changed.

Now that I’ve thoroughly UN-confused you (I hope!), it’s time to report that we’ve seen the new core-level MOS 2010 exams for Excel and Word. In an upcoming post we’ll report that all roads don’t quite lead to Rome, it doesn’t pay to cram, and the rolling stone is the ONLY kind that will gather this particular MOS…

Stay tuned!

-Ann Lang

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