We want YOU – Our search for CertifyThisGuy Candidate is On

August 16, 2010 at 4:39 pm | Posted in Certification Paths, Kaplan IT Training news, Study hints | 3 Comments

Are you an unconventional IT certification candidate? Web 2.0 savvy? Engaging? Active on social networking forums? If the answer to any or all of these is YES, you may be the perfect candidate for us!

We are looking to sponsor an atypical IT certification wannabe that can commit to a self study regimen (we provide all materials), complete a certification exam (we reimburse your exam fee), all while chronicling your certification journey in the social media matrix (sites and access provided).

We get e-mails every month from IT newbies asking what the best approach to cracking the IT world is? What certification is worth most to employers? And the most popular (and sensitive) question these days, how much will it cost me to get certified? While we do our best to be objective and honest with our advice, we’re also aware that it’s been a long time since our first exam. We’re somewhat immune to the nerves, commitment, stress and anxiety involved in taking that first IT certification exam. So in order to give you the most honest, useful, and legit advice before making the leap into the IT world we’re looking to follow the chronicles of our very own Cert Guy/Gal.

Here’s our win-win solution:

One (or two) lucky guys/gals walk the road to certification and share with their peers the experience of preparing, learning, sweating and succeeding. All the while the Transcender Team follows you on your journey to see what your road blocks are, where your strengths and weaknesses are, and hopefully provide some useful tools and guidance along the way. As with every fun idea, we’ve been asked to impose some parameters in the fine print, so for the details and info on how to apply go here: IT Certification Candidate and Social Media User.

We encourage anyone & everyone who’s been on the fence about IT certification to send us your info and help us help you start this new adventure!


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  1. Count me in to participate in this Web 2.0 experiment!

  2. Hello,
    Is this deal still on?? What is the next step.

    • I’m afraid this promotion ended in 2010, but we appreciate your reading!

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