TechEd 2010 New Orleans: First Impressions

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Keynote band - great way to start a Monday!

We finally made it! We’re in New Orleans, enjoying the 100% humidity and I start to wonder if I will ever feel cold again. (This from the girl who never ventures from home without her sweater.) I can see the convention center from my hotel room, but that doesn’t mean that I actually enjoy the walk. And to have this Alabama girl complain about heat, you know it’s bad.

But so far, I have thoroughly enjoyed rediscovering this city. My family and I came here within a year after Hurricane Katrina hit, and the changes that have occurred are dramatic. This city is absolutely beautiful! Yesterday, we ate at the Grand Isle. I couldn’t get enough of the onion rings! Last night, we went to Mulate’s to savor some local flavor. I would recommend both to all my fellow TechEd attendees.

To kick off TechEd 2010, I took in the Keynote session. Just before the session, a zydeco band entertained the audience. The performers were great and threw in some old crowd favorites. They happened to  mention that they don’t usually do Monday mornings because Monday mornings are for recovering from the weekend. So, thanks guys!

The Keynote session was all about cloud computing, something that I have been hearing more and more about (even though some of it is a little out of my world). But as I started to understand it, I thought about its impact to the IT certification industry. A quick Internet search showed me that there are several cloud certifications out there from vendors such as Red Hat, 3Tera, and others. And I suspect that Microsoft will be entering that arena soon….remember: you heard it here first, folks.

So what about interest in cloud certification? Are there any of our readers out there who would find value in this and perhaps pursue certification? We just want to know!

Tuesday is a busy day for me. And with the Women in Technology luncheon, I just won’t have any time to spend in our booth. But look for me elsewhere: just find the lady falling in an uncoordinated fashion.

Did you see me today?! Took a spill going from one session to another and felt like a complete idiot. Now I have a lovely bruise/scrape on my knee. I can be such a moron sometimes!


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