CompTIA Linux+ and LPIC-1: Two certifications for the price of one

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Editor’s note: The benefits of the Linux+ certification were changed with the 2015 release. Please read our 2015 update to get the most current information.

This post is a followup to our last update on the revamped CompTIA Linux+ certification path.

As many of you may know, CompTIA’s newest version of the Linux+ certification was produced through a partnership with the Linux Professional Institute (LPI), a leading provider of Linux certifications. The CompTIA version of the certification has transitioned to a two-test structure (LX0-101 and LX0-102) similar to the A+ certification, but now with one added benefit: the possibility of achieving TWO certifications, one from each vendor.

Here is what I found on the CompTIA Web site regarding this possibility:

A new benefit for CompTIA Linux+ candidates is that they may choose, at the time they take the exams, to have their exam record forwarded to the Linux Professional Institute. Certification in CompTIA Linux+, Powered by LPI, enables candidates to become certified in LPIC-1 as well, enabling further participation in the LPI program if the candidate chooses.

By choosing the “Yes” option on the opening screen of your exam, your passing score will grant you both the CompTIA “Linux+ Powered by LPI” certification AND the LPIC-1 certification. Passing both of CompTIA’s Linux+ exams will also qualify candidates for participation in the LPIC level 2 program.  Details for this process are coming soon.

So to take advantage of this 2-for-1 deal, make sure to choose the “Yes” option on the opening screen of the CompTIA exam to have your results forwarded to LPI. Otherwise, you will only receive the Linux+ designation, and we hate to see a great deal go to waste! I don’t know about you, but I personally love collecting those little certification designations after my name. Grabbing the opportunity to add the LPIC-1 designation that easily is a no-brainer.



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  1. Hi,

    I think it is totally ridiculous that CompTIA keeps changing the Linux+ 2009 certification. It seems as through they don’t know what they were doing when they releases the exam objectives for the 2009 exam and publishers like syngress and sybex published their books supporting their 2009 exam.

    Now, they have made into two exam, I guess this means more money into CompTIA’s pocket and of course transcender for creating two separate products.

    This is totally uncalled for!


    • I’m sorry that this new format has disappointed you, but I can assure you Transcender had no input into this decision.

      With that said, the only change to the Linux+ 2009 certification occurred between the Linux+ 2009 Beta period and the release of the live exam. If a person passed the Linux+ 2009 in Beta, that person is Linux+ certified, but not LPIC-1 certified. And as far as we know, this is the only change that CompTIA has in the works.

      In the past, Linux professionals often complained that the Linux+ certification did not hold the value that LPI’s certifications did. In an effort to improve the value of their certification, CompTIA decided to partner with LPI. We feel this is a great move for the certification. While it is 2 tests instead of 1, each test covers a much smaller area and consists of a smaller number of questions than the previous single test.

      • Thanks for the clarification.

        Does this mean that we have to purchase two separate transcender exams on Linux+ 2009 or will one exam cover both!

        Please advise.


        • Hi – because there are now 2 exams with two different sets of Objectives, Transcender will develop two different practice tests; one product for each LX0-101 and LX0-102. Also, the Linux+ exams powered by LPI do not have to be taken together (similar to attaining your A+ certification), so providing two practice test products better reflects the way you’d take the CompTIA Linux+ 2009 exams.

          Hope that helps! Keep reading for updates on our Linux+ 2009 practice test releases.

  2. Just tried to take this test today. Found it to be full of issues. How can a question ask me for a “file” name and then direct me to only put one “command” name in the answer? I am also concerned with the fact that it is asking me to remember a particular file name when I work with multiple distros daily and find no consistency between them. Give me a damn command line and ask me to do a task. A multiple guess test is not what a linux cert should be about. It should prove ability within a shell of an unknown distro.

    • Hi there – I assume you’re talking about the live Linux+ exam, and not about the Transcender practice exam?

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