Linux+ certification: Navigating the changes

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Late Thursday, April 29th, CompTIA announced the release of the new Linux+ certification. In the weeks preceding this announcement, CompTIA had announced their partnership with Linux Professional Institute (LPI). Like you, we at Transcender had a moment of panic followed by a lot of questions. But, just like you, we waited until the dust settled to understand what this change brings to the future of Linux+ certification. And our patience paid off, because our friends at CompTIA have offered the latest & greatest information to help us navigate the change.

Some background – In 2009, CompTIA announced that they would be upgrading the Linux+ certification and released a beta test (XK1-003), which I took (along with many of you). Around that same time, CompTIA released betas for revisions of their Project+ and Server+ exams. While we saw the new Server+ and Project+ exams release, we started to wonder if our beta results for Linux+ got lost in the mail.

Finally, last week, we got some answers. The Linux+ certification is totally revamped! The new Linux+ follows the Linux certification format used by LPI. Instead of taking a single exam, the new Linux+ certification requires that candidates take two 60-item exams, numbered LX0-101 and LX0-102. The good news? When I compared the Exam Guide for the two new CompTIA exams to the Exam Guide for the existing LPIC-1 exams, I discovered that they are identical. So while the new Linux+ exams may not map to the previously released Exam Guide for XK0-003, the LPIC-1 page offers some great insight into the new exam format. The bonus? Drum roll please…if you pass these two exams, LPI recognizes your certification! In fact, if you choose to “opt in” when you take the new Linux+ Powered by LPI exams, you can have your certification information forwarded to LPI, and you will receive an LPIC-1 certificate in addition to your CompTIA certificate. It’s a classic 2-for-1 deal, and we love a deal! And yes, if you hold other certifications from CompTIA, your Linux+ results will be included in the CompTIA database for consolidated access to your certification information.

So for those serious about Linux certification, this is a great opportunity to get Linux certified.

As for reference materials and courseware, we’ll begin practice test development just as soon as we’re comfortable with the two-exam structure and content. But if you, like me and my colleagues here at Transcender, are an early adopter, there are several titles available for the LPI versions of these exams. The current Sybex LPIC-1 reference is a good start. This title is expected to be edited soon to reflect the new exam structure. We also expect to see a Sybex release of Linux+ Powered by LPI soon, so keep an eye out for that on the shelves.

Finally, what happens if you passed XK0-003 in beta? The transcript of your certification history from the CompTIA database will in fact state that you are Linux+ certified, and the date on which you took the exam. Same goes for those of you who have passed or plan to pass the XK0-002 exam before the October 31, 2010 expiration date (that is, the old exam expires in October, not your certification).

Hope you’re finding certification success with our products! Now I am off to start that Linux+ practice test blueprint.

If you want to chat about this or other certification news, I’ll be at TechEd in June. Stop by our booth to meet me! I am not nearly as scary as the rest of the Product Development team would have you believe.


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