What We’re Working On – March Edition

March 22, 2010 at 9:27 am | Posted in Cisco, CompTIA, Microsoft | Leave a comment


March is always an odd month around here. Just when we think we’re settling into our 2010 development plan and on track to meet our goals, that’s when the industry shifts, customers speak up, and training centers update their offerings. So here we are, merely 3 months into the new year, already changing course – it’s the nature of our business, yet it never ceases to catch me by surprise.

We’re all still getting acquainted with our new colleagues at Atlantic Link. If you missed our announcement here, you can check out the web site here, and if you see something you or your business likes, feel free to contact Mark, here.

After a slight date change, we’re looking forward to seeing Cisco’s TSHOOT beta exam this month. Troy has tirelessly reviewed our current content and any available new information, and he’s anxious to start writing those new practice test products. So we’re all hoping he does well on this beta, otherwise we risk ruining his mood and his momentum, and that spells trouble for all of us! If you’re looking for information and some Cisco study materials for the newly released Route & Switch exams, check out their recently updated pages, here ROUTE and here SWITCH.

Josh continues to code his way through the remaining .NET 3.5 products with only the occasional mental health break, courtesy of Microsoft Office suite 2010 (beta). He’s been playing around with the beta release of the new applications and posting any neat features he finds, like here and here.

Not to be outdone, Robin and George have found plenty to keep them busy this month. Robin started down the Linux+ development path, only to receive her Server+ beta score in the mail — which led us to believe that Server+ will release soon. So a quick change of course, and Robin is now writing practice test items for the looming release of the updated Server+ exam. George is losing sleep these days over the blueprint for his next Exchange 2010 product. We’re giving George some room to breathe around here as we’re sympathetic to the challenge of tackling a PRO-level exam, such as the 70-663, with very little in the way of legitimate reference material.

So while the mercury takes its sweet time to rise (we saw snow today!), and the dogwoods are not quite sure whether to bloom, our team of dedicated developers is already in the midst of March madness, and on track to meet some of your most recent requests for practice test products!

–Aima R.

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