Obtaining Your PMP Certification: A PMP 4th Edition Study Plan – Part VI

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Can you believe it? We have finally arrived at my sixth and final post that details changes in the PMP 4th Edition exam.

We have covered a lot of ground, and some of my posts seemed to go on and on…and on. But at least now you see the major changes in the PMBOK 4th Edition.

We covered all of the process groups:

  • Initiating – covered in Part 1
  • Planning – covered in Part 2
  • Executing – covered in Part 3
  • Monitoring and Controlling – covered in Part 4
  • Closing – covered in Part 5
  • Professional and Social Responsibility – covered in this post

In this final edition, we’ll discuss the PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct and how it relates to the Professional and Social Responsibility objective of the PMP exam.

PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

In the PMBOK Third Edition, project managers had two separate codes that they had to understand for certification testing purposes: the PMI Member Code of Ethics and the PMI PMP Code of Professional Conduct. Because there was so much confusion for the project management professional when considering both of these codes, PMI decided to create a comprehensive code that covers both areas.

In 2006, PMI released the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, which contains five main topics that the test candidate should read and understand:

  • vision and applicability
  • responsibility
  • respect
  • fairness
  • honesty

The guidelines set forth should be considered for all decisions that the project manager may face.

You can retrieve the PMI Code of Ethics and Responsibility at  http://www.pmi.org/PDF/ap_pmicodeofethics.pdf. When you read through it, pay special attention to any italicized notes. PMI tends to focus on these points in the exam. Most of the items are straightforward knowledge-based questions, but they can still trip you up if you aren’t familiar with the Code.

Well, that’s all….for now. If you would like to see any other posts on this topic, feel free to make a suggestion in the comments. Most of the time, we try to predict what you want. But our  crystal ball does get cloudy at times!

-Robin A.

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