CompTIA’s N10-004 Network+ 2009 – References Abound

October 13, 2009 at 9:58 am | Posted in CompTIA | 1 Comment
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Several months ago, I blogged about CompTIA’s new Network+ test, N10-004. At that time, I was lamenting the fact that there were no published references for the Network+ test. I was literally spending hours searching the Internet for help. I included links to some of the more helpful sites in my post, but hoped that a more comprehensive reference would be released soon.

Well, here it is October already, so I thought I’d do a little informative update about the references now available.  I performed a search at for Network+ 2009 books. I received 26 results. Included in this list were several Sybex books, a few Todd Lammle books, a couple of Mike Myers books, and other authors. If you are looking for a good study reference, I would suggest paying attention to the length of the book and to the reviews. As for the length, I hate to say “the longer the better.” But I definitely wouldn’t purchase a book that was considerably shorter than the others. The reviews can be very insightful, particularly if there are a few bad reviews.

Now, what would I choose? Well, I personally would probably purchase a Mike Myers or Todd Lammle book. I have experience with their material and have found that they are fairly thorough. One of Mike Myers’ books is over 700 pages, and one of Todd Lammle’s books is over 800 pages. That should keep you busy for quite a while.

And don’t forget to purchase Transcender’s Cert-N10-004 practice test. The questions are great, and the tutorials/explanations are out of this world! Take it from me, the always objective and über-talented author of said practice test.

Also, if you have been previously certified in Network+, there is a Bridge exam that only covers the new topics. The Bridge exam is ONLY available to Network+ certified professionals. And you guessed it, the aforementioned über-talented author of the Network+ practice exam has also put together a practice test for the Bridge (Cert-BR0-002) — you know, in my spare time.

Look for an upcoming post where I discuss answers to the Network+ topics that seem to be tripping our customers up (based on their comments to us).


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  1. Hi Robin,

    Do you know why CompTIA’s A+ certification is called “A” and “+” ? Does A+ stand for anything? as in: is it an acronnym?

    Thank you.

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