Shout Out to Our Fellow Bloggers, and a Freebie!

June 9, 2009 at 10:09 am | Posted in Kaplan IT Training news | 8 Comments
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If you are writing an IT blog, we want to visit. Not to worry.  This isn’t the “sleep on your couch until you throw us out” kind of visit. We just want to check out your blog. Leave us a comment with a link and we’ll come check it out.

If you would like to receive a FREE Transcender practice test to review on your blog or give away to a reader, leave us a comment. Nothing says love to your readers more than giveaways!

–Jennifer W.


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  1. Hi there! We’ve got a couch you can sleep on, actually we’ve got two :)

    Here are our IT blogs:

    Train Signal Training

    Windows Server HQ


    • Wow, I’m totally redfaced over #BLOGFAIL 2009 – When The Legitimate Comments All Got Spam-Blocked.#

      Fixed now. Look for a repost on this subject. :-)

  2. I run 2 sites that qualify and, the latter of course being more personal also.

  3. Hi my blog is IT based currently studying for CCA so I write about my path and little tutorials. I notice there appears to be a gap in the cca practice test market!!


  4. It is more personal than IT but I do periodically post scripts and other problems and solutions (hopefully!) I run into at work. I also occasionally post about my certification process.

  5. Please visit the Oracle Certified Professionals Blog at
    Please let me know if you are interested in a featured post on your offerings

  6. Checkout our blog dedicated to Windows Server 2008 at

  7. Hey there…I post mainly about IT stuff and stuff relevant to my students at New Horizons of Gainesville. I think you’ve visted and let me know that several on staff there were former New Horizons folks…thanks for making a comment.

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