Tech*Ed rocked, buzzed, and generally swam along swimmingly.

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So say Troy and Josh, anyway. They forgot to take a camera along, so I don’t have any booth photos to post here. What I do have is gossip.

Here’s a recap of the product buzz we heard (do NOT take these dates as gospel – we don’t write the Book of Microsoft, we’re just telling you what was announced at Tech*Ed).

o Windows 7 – The market release is scheduled for October 2009.
o Next Server? – R2 is the focus here; it should also be in October. No new server OS until 2012.
o Exchange 2010 – Due for release in last half of 2009.
o Office 14 (2010) – Technical review was released at Tech*Ed. Office 2010 is not coming out this year; maybe 1st-2nd quarter of next year. The Microsoft Application Specialist (MAS) exams for Office 2010 should roll out quicker than they did for the Office 2007 applications, because they’ll be using the same engine.
o Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4.0 – Look for these in the last quarter of 2009 or first quarter of 2010. Beta released next week? (Josh: “I cannot get a definite answer on how certification will relate.”)
o PowerShell 2.0 – Released with Windows 7. Should come out in October or even a bit sooner.
o Azure – At least six months before pricing will be released to public.

Josh (codeguru) had the following to report from his time in the trenches at the Transcender booth:

o Virtualization certification exams were the most requested.
o Because of our name, we really should have played into the current Star Trek frenzy. Many totally unrelated booths did just that and were extremely popular.
o At least two people came up yesterday because they read our blog and wanted to enter the drawing. Way to go, team blog!

And finally, it seems like someone was thinking of the poor blog editor languishing back in hot*lanta, because these precious (if blurry) snaps of Troy jamming with the Jam On IT session made their way to my inbox yesterday.

Jammin' Troy 1

Jammin' Troy 1

Jammin' Troy 2

Jammin' Troy 2

I tried cruising YouTube to see if anyone had uploaded video taken at the Tech*Ed Jam session, but all I found was this. Troy swears that if you magically rotated the camera 180 degrees in the opposite direction, it would have been filming right in front of our booth.

Jam on ’til next year!

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