Hangin’ With The Bus: Microsoft mobile evangelist team hits Atlanta

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On May 1, Atlanta (where Transcender is headquartered) became the first stop on the Microsoft Career Express tour, aka “Get On the Bus.” Unfortunately I missed the event, having already scheduled a vacation day, but George, Troy, and Jennifer got to meet Dana, Ken, Elese, Liberty, Sarah, Ryan, and the rest of the bus riders when they stopped at New Horizons. Some of our developers used to teach at New Horizons, so it was a bit of a reunion as well as a meet-n-greet.

George, Troy, Bus

George, Troy, Bus

Since I wasn’t there, I asked the guys for some details so I could fill out a blog post. George responded with his typical eye for detail:

Ate good food – Moe’s catering.  (I had three burritos and a Sprite)

Fortunately, he redeemed himself halfway through the recap:

Liberty talked about the behind the scenes math for deciding which items go into a certification exam, and the math that calculates the score. All exams are given a cut score of 700. However, a 700 does not mean that you had to answer 70% of the questions correct to pass the score. You may have to get more than 70% correct on some tests and less than 70% correct on others. The cut score will be adjusted to reflect 700 as the passing score. Exam questions have fully functional solutions. In other words, an answer to an exam question must fully work, not partially work. No credit for partial solutions.

According to Jennifer, the Microsoft team talked about the pros of certification, gave a demonstration of Windows 7, went over some of the Server 2008 bells and whistles, and gave out some swag – namely t-shirts and a free certification exam voucher. Also, they played a live round of Are You Certifiable? in which Troy came in at 2nd place (we’re sure he would have been first, but he had a bit of difficulty with the buzzer operation – aren’t musicians supposed to have great hand-eye coordination? Obviously he didn’t mis-spend enough of his youth on video games).

We were especially pleased to meet Dana, who’s local to us, and Liberty, who has the job nearest and dearest to our own job: test psychometrician.

Tomorrow I hope to throw out a few updates from Tech*Ed. From what we’re hearing, Windows 7 and Hyper-V are buzzing fast and furious.

-bM Ann and the Transcender Team

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