Top Tech·Ed Swag Tips from Troy (plus some official stuff too)

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The big week is fast approaching and we would like to invite those of you lucky enough to be going to Tech·Ed in LA to come and see us at the Transcender booth (#737).

Troy’s Swag Checklist
Here’s a list of swag to watch for while you are at Tech·Ed. I call this Troy’s Swag Checklist.
• You will receive a voucher worth 50% off your next exam. Score!
• If you locate an MCT (like me in the Hands On Lab – nudge, nudge) you can have the voucher UPGRADED to one that lets you purchase an exam for USD 25.00 (that’s such a deal, they’re usually $125.00!!)
• You can combine either of these vouchers with the Second Shot program, so you could potentially get two shots at an exam for $25.00 instead of $250.00!!!
• If you are an MCP, you get a baseball cap simply by showing your ID card or transcript (you can print that on the spot).

We’ll have some nice stuff for you at our booth in the Exhibit area as well (#737). You can enter a drawing to win any of the following great giveaways: 
• A brand new iPod Nano. Score!
• A free copy of our new 83-640 Practice Exam with Virtual Lab-Based Testing. Score!
• A free download of one of our other practice tests.

You will probably see Josh there as well as other nice folks who are not on the development team, but play important roles in helping us to be the premier certification test prep company.

As I mentioned in the previous post, I will be working for Microsoft as a Technical Learning Guide (as well as representing Transcender) in the Hands On Lab area. Even if you have attended Tech·Ed in the past, you may not have experienced this particular track. I highly recommend the Hands On Lab as a way to either try out a new technology or hone your skills for an exam attempt. This year’s setup offers some new features. All of these tasks can be done in the same VMs that host the labs:

• You can create a personalized Learning Plan to help identify resources and tasks to achieve certification or learn a new technology.
• You can use a practice test to help prepare for a certification exam.
• Although actual certification testing will not be done at TechEd, as in years past, you can still register at an off-site center in LA and take your exam while you’re out there.
• You can identify the exams that are required for a certification.
• You can register for a free Second Shot at the exam of your choice.
• You can access what Microsoft is calling Learning Snacks, small and easily digestible concepts about new technology

Speaking of labs, there will be 400 computers set up in Pods, organized by technology type, that host about 200 different Hands On Labs. This is the area that I will be working in, so come by and look for the short, wiry guy with a ponytail and glasses. That will be me.

For those of you playing along at home (i.e. not attending the conference), you can still get access to many of these labs through Tech·Ed Online:

There will also be prep sessions for some of the more popular exams (listed below). These are included in the schedule when you use the schedule builder. Here’s a sampler:
Certification 101
MCITP is the new MCSE
SQL Server 2008 – 70-433
.NET Framework – 70-536 and 70-502
SharePoint Services – 70-631
Active Directory – 70-640/642
Windows Server 2008 – 70-646/647
Exchange 2007 – 70-236/237/238

Come to the Jam session
As in the past, Microsoft will be holding a jam session for all frustrated amateur and former professional musicians (like me). Here’s the information:

Jam on IT
Date: Thursday, May 14
Time: 6 pm-11pm
Location: Los Angeles Convention Center (West bldg)

You’ve asked for an evening to socialize and have some fun, so we’re taking over the west side of the convention center, providing plenty of great food and drinks, and networking opportunities like Birds-of-a-Feather sessions and the Women in Technology program — WomenBuild. You can also rock the house at the famous (or infamous) Tech•Ed Jam Session, hosted by Richard Campbell and Carl Franklin of .NET Rocks! We hope you’ll grab an instrument, jump on stage, and raise the roof.

Hope to see you there!

–Troy McMillan

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