Network+ 2009 (N10-004) practice test: Robin takes on Network+

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Recently, Transcender announced the release of our Network+ 2009 version practice test. This was quite a milestone for me. I personally wrote or revised over 400 practice test questions and 400 flash cards. (By the end of the project, I was very tired, but it was quite a learning experience for me too.)

There are some changes with the new version. For instance, the objectives state we must memorize all the wire colors of the 568A and 568B cables. Even in the days where I wired offices on a weekly basis, this handy chart was located on a little Post-It note tucked neatly away in a pocket of my tool caddy. I had a co-worker who had them memorized, but he was one of those guys who literally memorized everything. (You know the type: just ask him who won the Cy Young award in 1985. He can tell you, along with the stats. Ugh!) Me, I just checked my Post-It.

So when it comes to exam time, this is my technique: I memorize this type of information before taking the test. Once I hit the testing center, I  jot the information down IMMEDIATELY when handed my dry-erase board (and possibly make the test facilitator a little nervous), pass the exam, and dump the information. Back in the real world, I just refer back to my Post-It note (in its rather tattered form) when I REALLY need it.

But once I’d completed writing our practice test, I felt like I had accomplished so much…both personally and for our customers. Our practice test really hits the mark. We based our items on the exam objectives and the application of our test experiences.

Transcender N10-004: 375 practice test questions / 466 flash cards
We released our practice test after thoroughly analyzing the content in the live exam. The test content is weighted based on CompTIA’s Exam Guide.

For those previously certified on Network+, we have the Bridge version of our practice test for sale, BR0-002. This will test you on the difference between N10-003 and N10-004.

So with that information, I know you’ll make the choice to purchase Transcender’s Cert-N10-004 practice test. Remember to study those explanations! They are absolutely the most important piece of our tool. And use those flash cards just before taking the test as a last-minute review of the basics.

We know that with our tool you’ll pass with flying colors!

— Robin A.

P.S. Watch CompTIA’s web site for announcements over the coming months! The new Beta versions of the Project+, Linux+, and Server+ exams have been released. In addition, the A+ exams are being revised as well. So a lot is happening in the CompTIA world!

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