Exam Discounts Do NOT a Discontinued Exam Make

March 26, 2009 at 1:11 pm | Posted in Microsoft | Leave a comment
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Save 40 Percent on Retiring Exams and Upgrade Exams

As a developer and logician, I understand how this statement can be misleading. In the fast-paced certification business, simplicity is a virtue that rarely surfaces. And a first look is more often deceiving than helpful.

Take the classic logical construct, the syllogism. It begins with an assumption and then ends with a logical consequence. For example:

    Some people can’t play football.
    Many people can talk.
    Therefore, many people talk about football, even if they can’t play.

Get it? Not yet? Let’s try one more:

    Everyone wants to pass a certification exam.
    Some people use Transcender.
    Therefore, some people will earn a new certification!

All right, that one was entirely blatant and gratuitous (but true nevertheless). But you get the point. So, in reading the current Microsoft discount offer, you might make the following assumption:

    Some discounted certification exams will be retired by Microsoft.
    Some discounted certification exams are upgrade exams from older certifications.
    Therefore, all discounted certification exams including upgrade exams will be retired by Microsoft.

Clearly, this syllogism is fallacious. Microsoft is discounting upgrade exams on older technologies, and also discounting older exams that will be discontinued. However, the discounted upgrade exams are NOT slated for the discard pile. They are only being discounted by 40%, since they reference older technologies. This discount applies to the following upgrade exams:

So, although there is no time like the present to upgrade your certification(s), have no fear that current upgrade exams will be discontinued. Besides, all universal statements have to be true once in while … right?

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