My iPhone, iPod, Kindle2 family: What is this world coming to?

March 11, 2009 at 11:16 am | Posted in Kaplan IT Training news | 1 Comment
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Last August, my husband branched out into the Apple world when he purchased a Mac computer. Apple was running a special at the time that included an iPod Touch with the purchase. He wasn’t interested in the iPod, so after adding several applications and a few movies, my husband gave it to my 5-year-old son for entertainment. We quickly discovered what a wonderful tool it was when we went out to eat. (This was something I promised I would never do – allowing my son to play with an electronic device while at the table….But you would be surprised at what you actually do when you have children!) My husband and I found that meals at restaurants went more smoothly with our little friend the iPod along. Life with a VERY busy five-year-old can sometimes mean that you disturb everyone near you in the restaurant. But those days are gone!

Then in January, my husband finally broke down and purchased an iPhone, and I learned what the term “addiction” truly meant. (Anyone know of any good 12-step programs out there for iPhone addicts?) So eating out soon became a time of quiet, solitary reflection for me as my husband entered his iPhone netherworld and my son became a character in his latest movie craze (currently Madagascar 2).

Finally, last week I received my Kindle2. Now I will tell you: even though I am usually cutting-edge when it comes to learning about new Microsoft or CompTIA certification offerings and products, I do not readily embrace new consumer technologies. (I was even contacted by Nextel one time because they were discontinuing service for my type of cell phone. And when my husband got his new iPhone, I pitched a total fit because he changed my phone over to his “newer” old one with more features. I did NOT want to learn how to use a new cell phone. Sure, my old one could not even take pictures – stop snickering! But it was a cell phone, and I hate talking on the phone anyway.) But back to my Kindle2!

I have always been an avid reader. I have even selected books in the past based on their length so that it would take a little longer to finish. (And, yes, I have even read War and Peace.) But I had no idea just what the Kindle2 would become to me.

I was quickly overjoyed when I discovered that the Sprint 3G network, which provides Kindle’s Whispernet service, was available at my home in rural Alabama (a place so rural that the ONLY high-speed Internet service I can get is – are you ready for this? – satellite. Stop snickering!) I promptly download about a dozen books in a matter of a few minutes – most of them FREE! Then I descended into my own little Kindle2-induced coma that lasted most of the weekend. But here comes the funny part….

Picture this: my husband, my son, and I go to our favorite Mexican restaurant. Out come the iPhone, the iPod, and the Kindle2. My husband was doing whatever it is that he does on that thing (probably Facebook – he just cannot seem to leave it alone). My son was listening to the Backyardigans. I was reading UR by Stephen King (available ONLY to Kindle users – thank you!). There was absolute silence at the table. No one spoke. It was pure joy!

Then as the meal came, and we all put away our devices to scarf down whatever we ordered, the group from the next table got up to leave. I had noticed an older lady looking disapprovingly at our table for the past several minutes, but I had ignored it. But as she leaved, I heard her mumble something under her breath about our choice of entertainment at “the dining table” and how inappropriate our behavior was. I just chuckled! Does this woman not realize that she would have given me even more dirty looks if my son had NOT had his iPod? She really ought to get down on her knees and thank me for letting her eat in peace. (Next time, I’ll let my husband bring his cyborg-earpiece to the restaurant so she hears him talking to his imaginary friend).

As dysfunctional as we may seem, my family spends plenty of quality time together. Our evenings at home are sometimes filled with Wii games and lots of laughter. Other times we pop some popcorn and watch a new movie. But we are a product of the times. So it follows that we have become an iPhone, iPod, Kindle2 family and will probably stay that way for a while.

So what about your family? What kinds of things do you find yourself reaching for and not quite being able to do without? What are your most needed electronic gadgets?

And, on a work-related note, Transcender would love to hear from you. What kind of products would you be interested in for your iPhone, iPod, Blackberry, or Kindle if Transcender offered them?

Thanks for taking time to read this article! And I REALLY hope you saw a slight reflection of your family here – PLEASE tell me we are not the only family that does this!


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  1. Hi Robin! Nice write-up you got here. In my honest opinion, technology really does affect the way of life of most people. Gadgets such as your your husband’s iPhone, your kid’s iPod, and your Kindle2 become a part of your everyday life. And with the fast pace of life nowadays, it is just practical that we bring along our source of information and entertainment wherever we are. The older lady next to your table surely isn’t aware (or hasn’t accepted) the influence of technology in our life today.

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