Back on track with e-Learning in our lineup

February 25, 2009 at 8:47 am | Posted in Kaplan IT Training news | 1 Comment

After a year’s hiatus, we at Transcender are glad to have e-Learning courses back in our product lineup. e-Learning products are high-quality self-teaching tools developed by global enterprise-learning leader ElementK® and covering all of our major certifications. Many of the e-Learning courses we offer are the same as the ones offered directly through Microsoft’s E-Learning portal.

To see what e-Learning courses are available from Transcender for a given certification:

  • Select that certification exam you’re interested in from our product list. You’ll see the available e-Learning in the Select Products and Delivery Formats table.
  • Scroll down to eLearning Courses in this Curriculum. You’ll see a checkbox next to each available e-Learning course.
  • Click the name of an individual e-Learning course. A new window will open that contains a complete course syllabus, a list of objectives, technical requirements to run the course software, the duration of the course, and the certifications series to which the course applies.

You can also run a demo to get a feel for how the course works, the format of the delivery, and the pacing.

e-Learning is great because you can go through the material at your own pace. Because it’s a multimedia presentation, you can choose to read through the tutorials, listen to the tutorials, watch the demonstrations, or check the references for self-directed study.

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