A nifty study aid for the 77-602 MCAS: Using Microsoft Office Excel 2007 exam

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I’ve registered for the Microsoft at Work RSS feeds. I’ve learned a few useful tricks and have gotten product updates, so I actually find them to be beneficial. I look at the RSS feed headers every few weeks and if something looks interesting, I’ll click and read.

I recently saw a tip that I thought would benefit anyone preparing for the MCAS: Using Microsoft Office Excel 2007 exam. This article is from 2007, but its usefulness hasn’t expired. It highlights three Excel features and provides clear and concise steps to use them. If you’re studying for the 77-602 exam (or if you just want to see three cool Excel tricks), click this link and check them out.

EDIT: So I asked Josh (codeguru) to read this post. I was expecting him to be wowed, but instead he taught me an important blog priniciple. He said that I needed to bring something personal to the post, and not just repost a link; this separates the content bloggers from the repost monkeys. (The give and take of constructive feedback is one of my favorite things about this team. I may have given a snarky reply because we have that kind of spirit too, but I did ultimately take his advice.)

So, personal confession time. One of these three tips has to do with Pivot Tables. I think PivotTables separate the casual users from the Power Users. This was the most difficult objective for me when I took the MCAS, and on my score report, this was my lowest score. If I had to study all over again, I would focus more time on this objective so I could reduce the amount of time I spent on the questions regarding PivotTables.

I looked for some resources that I thought would answer both the most basic and difficult questions about PivotTables. This is what I found:

Heck, I might just surprise my boss with a shiny new PivotTable in our next meeting.

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